Launch of the study on the residential pathway of CCFI companies

Inno TSD, in partnership with EAI, is launching its study on the residential path of businesses for the Community of Commune of Inner Flanders (CCFI), in Hauts-de-France. The TSD and EAI inno teams went to Hazebrouck (59) on February 21, 2018 to meet the CCFI team.

This study is part of the process of harmonizing the territorial plans of the new Community of Municipalities, created in 2014. It therefore reinforces the main principles of economic development and planning enacted in the ScoT and the territory project, and feed the work in progress on the PLUi.

The aim of the study is to analyze the offer and the needs in terms of the real estate path of companies, namely: real estate (incubator, nursery, hotel, business center, third places ...), land ( ZAEs and reserves), and the services necessary for entrepreneurship, the development of existing businesses, and the attractiveness of new projects. This analysis will be put into perspective with the notion of priority sectors for the territory.

This complete diagnosis of the territory will be based on quantitative, qualitative and cartographic research methods. It will make it possible to develop a development strategy for the business reception offer, in consultation with local stakeholders and elected officials. This strategy will be made operational by the production of a priority action plan, in order to provide the CCFI with a roadmap for its action on economic development.

The study will last six months and the final results will be submitted to ITAB in September 2018.

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