IP BOX: an essential tax advantage for software publishers! How to benefit from it securely?

Does your company develop software and generate income from the assignment, concession or sub-licensing of licenses? If so, you may be eligible for the IP BOX scheme!

Remember, four years ago, the 2019 Finance Act introduced the French IP BOX regime for encourage innovation and the production of intellectual property assets in France. In concrete terms, this reform allows companies to benefit from a preferential tax rate of 10% instead of the usual rate on revenues from Intellectual Property assets.

The big news was opening up this optional scheme to companies developing original software protected by copyright. However, it has to be said that despite 4 years of existence, the tax advantage represented by the IP BOX is still not sufficiently exploited. little known to software publishers even mystified because deemed too complex to implement.

Would you like to explore a new leverage to reduce your corporation tax by implementing an IP strategy? Are you wondering about implementation of the tax system IP BOX ? Are you looking for a precise understanding of tax authorities' requirements to secure your approach?

This webinar will answer all your questions, and our experts will share their analysis and their feedback after more than 4 years of IP BOX tax breaks and support your peers.

Our conference agenda:

  • Tax background and scope of the IP BOX scheme
  • Answers to frequently asked questions: eligible income, tax consolidation, possibility of retroactive application, calculation of allocation keys, NEXUS ratio, related or foreign subcontracting, impact of option, justification of calculation, complementarity with the CIR.
  • Feedback to anticipate tax authorities' requirements
  • Illustration with case studies

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Experts and special guests

François-Xavier holds a master's degree in Private Law and a specialized master's degree in "Juriste et Management International", and has been developing his expertise in research taxation for over ten years. He has been working on the IP BOX issue for G.A.C. Group since the 2019 reform, and supports companies that have opted for this tax option in their intellectual property strategy.

Trained as a mechanical materials engineer, Benoît is passionate about innovation and technology. He initially focused on assisting companies with technological and competitive intelligence, before specializing in financing through various tax schemes (CIR, CII and IPBOX). On a day-to-day basis, he is involved in analyzing project eligibility, putting together technical and financial files and defending them in the event of an audit.

Holder of a Master 2 in Business Law / DJCE, Valentin first practiced business and contract law with an international industrial group before specializing in intellectual property. He now works with IPSILON group to support and advise them on all their legal and contractual issues relating to intellectual property and R&D, particularly in the field of new technologies (software, data, artificial intelligence, etc.).


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