MedTech Partnership Workshop - for the establishment of interregional collaborations

The MedTech partnership, supported by the European “smart specialization platform” initiative, aims to provide a workspace for the implementation of interregional collaborative initiatives in the field of medical technologies.
On February 7, 2018, 28 participants took part in the thematic platform workshop on medical technologies (also known as the MedTech Partnership). The meeting took place in Lyon, in the Auvergne Rhône-Alpes region. Representatives of regions and clusters from 15 European regions were able to discuss, for one day, the priorities, strategies and concrete ideas of collaborative projects to innovate in the field of medical technologies.
Medical technologies (MedTech) consist of medical devices, in-vitro diagnostics, equipment for medical imaging, and connected solutions to diagnose, monitor, assess predispositions and treat patients suffering from various pathologies. Medical technologies make it possible to change the medical course and put European citizens back at the heart of the care cycle. Thus, medical technologies allow Europe to maximize the potential of its digital economy in the service of health, while guaranteeing access to health for all. For this, Europe and its regions are innovating in order to implement replicable and sustainable intelligent solutions, by capitalizing on Key Enabling Technology (KET) and new information and communication technologies.
The aim of the MedTech partnership is thus to enable the most relevant European players to collaborate. This partnership is part of the platform for intelligent specialization for industrial modernization (S3P-Industry). This platform supports European regions wishing to integrate their industrial investment projects, using a bottom-up approach - that is to say, through interregional cooperation, the participation of clusters and industrial partners.
More information on the MedTech thematic platform is available here!
Inno-TSD is a member of the ReConfirm project, the regional cooperation network for industrial modernization. ReConfirm is a project funded by the European Union set up specifically to enable European regions and their industrial players to implement their action plans within the framework of the smart specialization platform for industrial modernization (S3).

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