What financial assistance is available to help you reduce your energy bill immediately and sustainably?

"How can I preserve my company's cash flow despite the exponential rise in my energy bill?" If you've asked yourself this question at least twice in the past two years, this webinar is definitely for you!


Because there's no longer any doubt that soaring energy prices are having a significant impacts for companies. When some saw triple their energy billsOthers have been forced out of business. So it's time toTake action to find immediate solutions to maintain your company's profitability, and investigate sustainable options to secure your cash flow.

What's the point of this webinar?

According to an FFGA survey of executives, only 54% of them are aware of electricity price cap measures, and almost as many are aware of the tariff shield concept. It is therefore potentially one company in two that would benefit from these dedicated aids.

In this webinar, our experts Sabrina Demory and Olivier Loubeau will help you present concrete examples of little-known schemes for companies to recover immediately cash on energy bills. These energy tax specialists will go a step further and share with you other support measures offering the opportunity to reduce your energy bills. permanently your invoices.

With the help of a True or False exercise, they will deconstruct some of the preconceived ideas that are currently your main obstacles to obtaining the help you need!

On the agenda for this webinar:

  1. Quick-win What are the devices that will allow you to recover IMMEDIATELY cash flow?
  2. The long-term vision: options for reducing DURABLY my energy bill (energy taxation, CEE)?
  3. True or False: Olivier deconstructs some of the preconceived ideas about the energy bill payment scheme!

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Experts and special guests

Sabrina DEMORY - Project manager in local and energy taxation at G.A.C. Group

After her studies in business management and her degree in international trade, then 4 years spent in England in the field of international VAT, Sabrina then specialized in local and energy taxation. She has held the position of Project Manager at G.A.C since 2019, and handles all taxes related to the ownership and operation of real estate.

Olivier Loubeau - Energy tax consultant - G.A.C. Group

Olivier has been a consultant for over 20 years, helping companies to address environmental and energy issues. As part of G.A.C. Group's Tax & Energy department, he offers his customers financing and tax optimization solutions to reduce their energy budgets.

Optimize and secure your energy taxation to improve your impact and boost your competitiveness! Our team is made up of recognized experts in the field of energy taxation, with solid multi-sector experience and in-depth knowledge of the specificities of each type of energy. This means we can support you at every stage of your project, from analyzing your tax situation to implementing the optimum solutions.

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