Payroll process control

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Get the training you need to control your payroll, from upstream to downstream.

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Step 1

In the program :


Identify the payroll process

Control the payroll process

  • Basic principles - purpose and nature of control
  • Setting up test samples

Understanding the various payroll controls

  • Control of settings
  • Data logging control
  • Top of bulletin control
  • Control of bases and contributions
  • Control of net items
  • Control and validation of salaries and payments

Mastering DSN expense statements and flows

  • Load statement control
  • DSN flow control

Control the integration of payroll into the accounting system

  • OD control in payroll
  • Mass control of payroll in accounting

Understanding budgetary control

Step 2

In the program :


Control your payroll from start to finish

  • Validation of first stage knowledge
  • Getting to know your control organization
  • Review of existing company controls
  • Help in setting up a control process in your company

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