How to make your DSNs talk? Choose a Business Intelligence tool!

Since its implementation in 2017, the DSN is THE official data source for all organizations. This nominative monthly declaration is a a gold mine of information that needs to be deciphered to support the management of your HR strategy.

How to decipher, analyze and make your DSN more reliable?

For make your HR data talkIn this context, opting for a Business Intelligence tool is essential. 

The D2BI Business Intelligence tool makes it possible to exploit HR data using macro and micro indicators, and toautomate your HR reports and legal obligations in 3 clicks (Social balance sheet, BDESE, Equality Index), etc. D2BI is a powerful tool to help you Manage your HR strategy in real time.

On the agenda for this webinar:

  1. The digitalization of HR
  2. How can you decipher, analyze and improve the reliability of your DSNs using the D2BI Business Intelligence tool?
  3. Reports from the DSN: HR Reporting, Social Balance Sheet, BDESE, Gender Equality Index, etc.

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Improve your social performance by using your DSN data with D2BI, your HR management, analysis and reporting solution!

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