Innovation Circle: Are you ready to innovate?

Do you have all the keys to disruptive innovation? How can you involve all your employees in a global innovation process?

The innovation diagnosis is a key step whose importance is often underestimated in a company. INNOSURVEY® technologydeveloped by Innovation360is currently the most powerful innovation diagnostic tool on the market. It is based on a set of algorithms synthesizing several decades of research in the largest management universities (Harvard, Insead, MIT...). In this webinar, discover this solution in detail!

What is an innovation diagnosis?

It helps you identify:

  • the innovation performance of your company compared to those of its sector
  • the strengths and areas for improvement of the current innovation strategy

Key points covered in this webinar:

  1. In what context should an innovation diagnosis be carried out?
  2. Presentation of the INNOSURVEY® solution
  3. Use case: concrete case of the GRIMAUD group
  4. Course of a typical mission and analysis of the report
  5. What are the benefits of INNOSURVEY®?

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The experts involved

Elise LENOIR - Innovation management consultant - G.A.C. Group

Elise LENOIR - Innovation management consultant

Passionate about what innovation can bring to companies, Elise analyzes and provides solutions to support and enhance their R&D&I projects. She has specialized for several years in innovation management (market benchmarking, open innovation...) and has accompanied the GRIMAUD Group in the innovation diagnosis of its subsidiaries.

Thierry BERNICARD - Expert consultant & founder - Ecogeneris

Thierry BERNICARD - Expert consultant & founder - Ecogeneris

Thierry is specialized in innovation management and environmental performance. He worked for several years at Dalkia as a new energy project manager, before joining Veolia as an energy and climate expert. In 2015, he founded the firm Ecogeneris (Innovate sustainably!). He is accredited as a License Practioner Innovation360.

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