Payroll in the road transport industry

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Train yourself to master the payroll specifics of the road transport sector.

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Step 1

In the program :


Working hours in the transport sector

  • A reminder of legal working hours and overtime
  • Application specific to the road transport sector
  • Driving times, rest periods and daily working hours
  • Working at night, on Sundays and public holidays

Collective bargaining elements included in gross salary

  • Distinguish between the components of gross pay: the conventional hourly rate (TH), the Annual Remuneration Guarantee (GAR), etc.
  • Employee seniority in the road transport sector
  • Collectively agreed bonuses and allowances
  • Check the elements to be taken into account for compliance with the minimum wage and apprentice wages

Absences and employer retention in payroll

  • Absence due to illness/work-related accident, contractual grid detailing employer's continued liability
  • IJSS, subrogation and payroll application
  • Exceptional leave for family events provided for in the NCC

Travel allowances and the specific flat-rate deduction

  • Travel allowances provided for in the Collective Bargaining Agreement and their amounts
  • The specific flat-rate deduction

Legal and specific road transport contributions (Carcept, Ipriac, etc.)

  • Calculation of Tranche A and B ceilings in the event of CP absence
  • Supplementary pension
  • Insurance against the risk of unfitness to drive
  • Caisse de congés payés: base increases Versement mobilité / FNAL

Termination of the employment contract

  • Termination benefits: redundancy, retirement, end-of-career leave, etc.
  • Termination of employment and social protection: what specific guarantees apply in the road transport sector?

Step 2

In the program :


Master the specificities of Payroll in the Transport sector

  • Validation of first stage knowledge
  • Get to know your production and control organization
  • Review of actions and controls in place within the company
  • Help with setting up a control tool in your company

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