Dealing with illness in payroll

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Learn about the different elements that impact payroll calculations in the event of illness, how to check them and prevent risks in the event of an URSSAF audit.

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Step 1

In the program :

Knowing the applicable rules

  • The rules in force
  • The different types of stop
  • Employer's obligations

Mastering the deduction of absences in payroll

  • Absence calculation methods
  • Determining the hourly rate of absence
  • How to calculate salary continuation
  • Social Security daily allowances
  • Indemnités Journalières de Prévoyance (daily benefits)

Integrate all payroll data

  • Payroll processing
  • The concept of "strict net
  • Calculating net income adjustment
  • Consistency checks

Step 2

In the program :


Know how to apply the rules of illness to your company's environment

  • Validation of first stage knowledge
  • Confirmation of the adequacy of the rules applied in your company (CCN, agreements...)
  • Review of sickness processing procedures: from payroll to accounting
  • Study of the most recent cases of illness, industrial accident, maternity... processed in your payroll.
  • Help with setting up a control tool in your company

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