Social Security litigation reform: New competent jurisdictions

As part of the reform of social security litigation, Ordinance No. 2018-358 taken in application of Law No. 2016-1547 of November 18, 2016 on the modernization of justice in the 21st century was published in the Official Journal. on May 17, 2018. This ordinance specifies the framework for the judicial treatment of social security and social assistance disputes.

Social security litigation reform

As a reminder, here are the main measures taken on social security litigation that impact businesses:

  • Reform of Social Security jurisdictions
  • Need for prior recourse in "medical litigation"
  • Confidential medical information
  • "Instructional measure"

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New competent courts on January 1, 2019

A decree published on September 6, 2018 in the Official Journal designates the 116 district courts and the 28 courts of appeal who will be competent to hear, at first instance and on appeal, disputes relating to general and technical social security litigation.

This text specifies the seat and jurisdiction of each of these jurisdictions which you will find in the link below.

This reorganization coming into effect from January 1, 2019, date of application of the reform.

Decree 2018-772 of September 4, 2018, Official Journal of September 6, 2018

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