National and regional aids and subsidies for the agri-food sector

Major challenges facing the agri-food industry

The agri-agro sector is one of the industries targeted by the major acceleration strategies for innovation France 2030 and PIA4 programs. Agricultural and food strategies aim to promote and develop :

  • of sustainable agricultural systems and innovative farm equipment to support the ecological transition (adapting agriculture to climate change, digital farming and robotics, biocontrol and biostimulation molecules, genetics and plant breeding);
  • thesustainable, health-promoting food (food packaging, tomorrow's proteins, health foods, food traceability);
  • of bio-based products and sustainable fuels (industrial biotechnologies and valorization of agricultural, forestry or algal biomass as an alternative to petroleum-based products).

In particular, these major strategies help speed up response to the challenges facing the French food industry are growing ever stronger particularly with regard to environmental requirements, consumer expectations and the availability of agricultural inputs.

What are the national and regional calls for projects in the agri-food sector?

Against this backdrop, the State and the Regions are opening up numerous calls for projects designed to meet the ambitions of the agri-agro sector and provide financial support for innovation and investment projects in the industry.

G.A.C. offers you a summary of the calls for projects available in the region in its new infographic dedicated to grants and subsidies for companies in the agri-agro sector.

In this infographic, find:

  • Regional themes related to the agri-agro sector

  • G.A.C.'s success in obtaining grants and subsidies for agri-food businesses

  • The web series "Public funding: how to accelerate your innovation and investment projects".

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