Offer intelligent interactive tools for a digitalized 2.0 relationship

"G.A.C. supports Zaion in all matters related to the public funding of our innovation: CIR, AAP. It's important for us to be able to discuss our projects and our strategy with confidence and to have, beyond the realization of missions, a real partner.

Zaion is a start-up based in the Paris region with 90 employees that offers a complete solution for processing voice customer relations based on artificial intelligence and supervised in real time.

Zaion's problem

With the ambition of becoming the leader in AI-enhanced customer relationship solutions in Europe, this start-up candidate in the i-Nov wave 7 innovation competition with its Smart Coaching project.

The project Smart Coaching aims to offer intelligent interactive tools for a digitalized 2.0 relationship.

Amount of the project : 3 108 018€

Accompanying G.A.C. Group

We assisted Zaion in the structuring and filing of itsaids and subsidies as part of the 7th wave of the i-Nov innovation competition for start-ups and SMEs. The mission lasted 2 months.

Solutions provided by GAC Group

  1. Identification of key points in the response to the PAA
  2. Support for the drafting of the application file
  3. Support for the hearing stages and additions to the file

Zaion benefited:

The complete grant application file

What were the results?

  • Grant amount: €1,087,806
  • The Smart Coaching project was the winner of the
  • Recognition of Zaion's place in the Parisian AI ecosystem, and more specifically of its R&D team, Zaion Lab
  •  Acceleration of the Time To Market of its Smart Coaching offer

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