Nanolike - Securing your CIR and saving time for a start-up

"The consultants we work with are very responsive, very professional and conscientious in all our dealings. Both on the technical side and on the financial side. They are experts in the field. And on a human level, they are people with whom we have established a relationship of trust. This allows us to work in a pleasant and friendly environment.

Nanolike specializes in innovative measurement technologies (nano-sensors) and helps companies to digitize logistics processes in a simple way, providing a complete IoT solution from sensor to dashboard.

Nanolike's problematic

Secure your CIR and save time.

Accompanying G.A.C. Group

Nanolike has been supported since 2017 in structuring its CIR approach.

Solutions provided by GAC Group

  1. Information and training of teams to the device and to good practices
  2. Audit of eligible projects and grouped according to research themes
  3. Valuation of R&D expenses with optimization options
  4. Technical justification R&D projects


  • Methodology audit report 
  • Memo and valuation file
  • CERFA 2069-A-SD
  • Supporting file

Results obtained

  • Structuring of R&D projects throughout the years of support
  • Increasing the skills of the teams with regard to the CIR system
  • Save time and efficiency internally 

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