CIR & tax inspections: how to meet the authorities' requirements and secure your tax credit?

20 June 2024
2 p.m.

With a budget of more than 7 billion euros a yearThe Research Tax Credit (Crédit d'Impôt Recherche - CIR) is the flagship scheme for public support for research and innovation in France. This tax niche represents a significant cost to public spendingwhich is why the CIR is increasingly challenged by the authorities when tax audits are carried out on reporting companies.

Tax audits on the CIR - more numerous and more demanding - represent a major challenge for companies' finance, tax and R&D departments.. To secure your CIR and avoid challenges, it's crucial to understand the expectations of the tax authorities and how to respond effectively.

Our experts in innovation financing and taxation invite you to this webinar to share with you their feedback and proven methodologies on the management of tax audits challenging the CIR.

Our conference agenda:

  • CIR tax audit milestones and remedies
  • Main reasons for questioning young doctors, R&D time tracking, subsidies, subcontracting, depreciation allowances and expense justification
  • Pitfalls to avoid, tools and best practices

Why take part in this exclusive webinar?

  • Anticipate risks : Understand the tax authorities' criteria and points to watch out for.
  • Secure your practices Adopt the right reflexes and the right tools to perpetuate your CIR.
  • Gain confidence : Prepare yourself effectively for a possible tax audit.

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Experts and special guests

Amandine Lignier

Amandine LIGNIER - Manager, Innovation Consulting, G.A.C. Group

With a degree in chemistry and a PhD in biology, Amandine has been working in research funding since 2011. She has acquired extensive expertise in CIR for companies - particularly in the healthcare sector (pharmaceutical industries, biotechs, CROs...) - and supports them, alongside her team of consultants, in calculating and justifying their R&D expenditure, as well as in the answers and arguments to provide in their exchanges with the tax authorities.

François Xavier PIC

François-Xavier PIC, Head of Tax Law at G.A.C. Group

François-Xavier holds a Master's degree in Private Law and a specialized Master's degree in "Juriste et Management International", and has been developing his expertise in research taxation for the past ten years. Today, he is head of the Innovation Tax Business Unit at G.A.C., where he is constantly on the lookout for new developments (legislation, case law, administrative doctrine), and assists his clients when they are faced with tax audits.


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