The register of minor accidents

The employer can register work accidents which do not lead to sick leave or medical treatment in a register opened for this purpose instead of declaring them.

This register is commonly referred to as the minor accident register.

The Social Security Financing Act 2021 has changed the way companies issue, receive and archive the register of benign accidents at work.

Since January 1, 2021, the employer, when he meets the following conditions, can hold a register without prior request to the CARSAT (or CRAMIF) in his region.

The conditions for keeping a register of minor accidents

To have the right to keep a register of minor accidents, the employer must meet the following conditions:

1 - permanent presence on the premises of a doctor, pharmacist, state-registered nurse or workplace first-aid attendant;

2 - existence of an emergency first-aid station on the site ;

3 - existence of an economic and social committee.

When the employer decides to keep a register of minor accidents, he must inform CARSAT without delay and by any means conferring a certain date.

Keeping the register of minor accidents

The register is the property of the employer; he must keep it for each calendar year on the medium of his choice and keep it for a period of five years from the end of the year in question.

For each accident, the register must mention, without difficulty of use and understanding and without risk of alteration:

  • The name of the victim;
  • the date, place and circumstances of the accident;
  • the nature and location of the lesions;
  • the caregiver's visa and other information to be included on the work accident declaration.

The victim signs the register in front of the information given by the employer.

The occupational physician can consult the register.

The register must also be presented at their request:

1 - inspectors from organizations responsible for managing occupational accidents and diseases, or duly authorized consulting engineers or safety inspectors from pension and occupational health insurance funds;

2 - labor inspectors ;

3 - to the victim of an accident recorded in the register ;

4 - to the social and economic committee.

How to use the register of minor accidents?

Within 48 hours (Sundays and public holidays excluded), the employer shall enter on the register any occupational accidents suffered by his staff that do not result in sick leave or medical treatment covered by the social security system.

The employer is required to notify the social and economic committee.

When an accident that has simply been recorded in a register subsequently leads to work stoppage or medical treatment, the employer is required to send the victim's primary health insurance fund a declaration of accident at work within 48 hours of learning of the work stoppage or medical treatment.

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