Financing adapted to the resumption of growth

Discover the different strategies and levers to achieve your innovations and make your innovation projects a reality.

It is in a process of synthesis that we wanted to offer you this white paper in order to offer you an overview of the different financing levers that you can activate according to your maturity, your growth projects and your strategies.

In the program

Part 1: Acceleration of public funding

  • Ecological transition of companies and development of green technologies
  • 4th Investment Program for the Future
  • Focus on Research and Innovation
  • Support for industrial projects in the territories

Part 2: Research / Innovation Tax Credits

  • Impact of the 2021 Finance Bill
  • Summary of the new CIR 2020 Guide of the Ministry

Part 3: The opportunity for private funding

  • From R&D to early commercial success
  • From confirmation to maturity

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Christophe Boychev

CEO G.A.C. Group

"In order to promote the development and sustainable growth of companies, many levers exist to accelerate their innovative projects.
In this white paper, you will discover how to reconcile tax systems to support innovation, public aid and subsidies and sources of private financing and how these levers can be articulated to bring out your projects, develop them, accelerate them, bring them to the market. market and market them. 
These mechanisms represent key success factors for bringing your projects to fruition, and thus contributing to France's sustainable growth and social progress. To "innovate fast and strong", aligning strategy and financial capacity is more vital than ever."

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