Bonus-Malus unemployment insurance contributions

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Integrated into the September payrolls of certain companies, this government measure, which aims to encourage companies to opt for long-term contracts, has been at the heart of the HR concerns of the fall.  Up and down, the bonus-malus has an impact on the employer's charges of the structures concerned. Although simple in theory, the system includes several parameters to be taken into account, making the calculation of its modulation complex.

How is the modulation rate calculated? How is it integrated into the payroll, in DSN? What data must be mastered? How to avoid errors?

Train yourself to master the mechanism and adapt your social policy.

Program of our Bonus-Malus training

  1. Understanding the issues of the reform
  2. Mastery of the basics of the Bonus-Malus system
    • Eligibility
    • Understanding the calculation of the applicable rate
    • Accountable separations
    • The median separation rate
  3. Awareness of the data to be controlled
    • The essential data of the device
    • Recommendations and tips

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