CIR / CII schemes: understanding the mechanisms to adopt best practices in terms of security and optimization

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Why train in CIR / CII schemes?

The Research Tax Credit (CIR) and the Innovation Tax Credit (CII) represent 30% of the amount of research or innovation expenditure incurred in the year by your company. In 2020, 27,000 companies benefited from them, for a total claim of almost 7 billion euros. These metrics - growing year on year - mean that tax authorities step up controls the Increasingly stringent requirements to justify the CIR / CII.

You wish :

  • improve your knowledge on the CIR / CII to secure your return?
  • keep you up to date with developments in the system in constant evolution?
  • gain in efficiency and make CIR / CII management less time-consuming for your teams?

This course is for you!

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What are the objectives of this training course on the Research Tax Credit and the Innovation Tax Credit?

Collaborative and participative - The training we offer will give you a better grasp of the ins and outs of the CIR / CII schemes, by sharing the best practices to be followed internally to enable you to be efficient in your approach.

This training will contribute to strengthen your command of the system and your discernment of the administration's expectations.

Key points covered :

  • On what regulatory basis is the system governed?
  • What are the key indicators that help confirm eligibility?
  • What are the recoverable expenses including those with the highest stakes?
  • What's the right format for justifying your CIR / CII?
  • How to anticipate and prepare for a tax audit?

Who should attend this CIR / CII training course?

The prerequisite for taking part in this training course is that yoube in charge of the CIR / CII in your company. Depending on the organization, the system involves several stakeholders: finance, tax, R&D and innovation, technical and even human resources functions.

To guarantee its collaborative and participative aspect, the number of places is limited to 6 people maximum.

Find out what our trained professionals have to say:

"Very dynamic training".
"I took part in this training course to learn more about CIR/CII schemes: details of expenses eligible for the CIR, the standardized presentation of the CIR/CII project sheet and the procedures to be aware of in the event of a tax audit".
"Thanks to this training, I now master all aspects of the technical file: eligibility criteria, detailed calculation and basis of expenditure".
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Your trainer

Axel Merlin - Innovation Activity Manager
Axel MERLIN - Innovation Business Manager, G.A.C. Group

Axel MERLIN holds a Master's degree in Energy and Powertrains, and from the outset focused on innovation consulting. An expert in this field for over 15 years, notably in the CIR / CII system, he has assisted over 500 companies in their declarations, organization and development, placing the emphasis on customer relations based on trust, transparency and anticipation. As Innovation Business Manager, he oversees the Business Unit's activities, as well as changes in organization, methods and procedures, which provide the added value of our support. Drawing on this experience, he takes part in internal and external training courses to share his experience and know-how.

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