The impact of workplace accidents and occupational illnesses on employer contributions

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Face-to-face or distance learning

Get the training you need to understand the compensation mechanism for occupational injury and know the financial impact of events.

Key points of our training

  • Training courses to enhance skills
  • Provision of media
  • Engineering
  • Inter/Intra format

In the program :

Plan presentation

  • General operation of the plan
  • The different players

AT/MP rate

  • The different types of pricing
  • Calculation of the AT/MP rate
  • The average cost scale

Tracking and managing work stoppages

  • The impact of different IT on the rate
  • Slice change and its effect
  • The importance of monitoring and alerts
  • Disputes over the length of work stoppages

FNSA rate (Administrative Support Functions - ex: "Office rate")

  • Definition
  • Interest
  • Installation

Creations / groupings / mergers

  • Impact on occupational injury rates
  • Anticipation

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