From vision to action: implementing and financing a CSR strategy geared to decarbonization

In the face of pressing environmental challenges and growing demand for sustainability, a CSR strategy geared towards decarbonization is becoming imperative to maintain competitiveness. It paves the way for cost savings, value creation and innovation. Join us as we explore how to design, implement and finance an effective strategy to reduce carbon emissions while amplifying your societal impact.

Our conference agenda:

The main challenges of CSR and decarbonization in the current context

    • CSR and CSRD strategy: understand the issues and discover the benefits
    • Financing: how to access financing for your sustainable projects

Best practices for successfully implementing your decarbonization strategy with the carbon footprint or BEGES

    • General framework: benefits and challenges of carbon assessment
    • Draw up a carbon balance sheet and finance your actions
    • Example of action levers following the carbon audit

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Decarbonization is an unavoidable imperative for today's companies. This webinar will provide you with the knowledge and tools you need to integrate decarbonization into your CSR strategy effectively and profitably. Discover innovative financing solutions to support your CSR initiatives.

You are

  • Managers or executives who want to strengthen your company's CSR commitment
  • Sustainable development and environment managers
  • Finance professionals interested in green financing solutions.

This webinar is for you!

Join us as we explore how CSR and decarbonization can transform your business and contribute to a sustainable future for all!

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