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There is a close correlation betweenadoption of new technologies and mastery of complex projects.
This major sector of the French economy is currently facing a major change to address the ecological issues.

The reduction of carbon footprint new buildings is a major issue accelerated by the use of “low carbon” technologies and materials.

Moreover the intelligent management of energy consumption in buildings continues to improve thanks to digitization, the use of data and predictive models (Smart Building, Augmented Reality, Artificial Intelligence, etc.)

20% sector players have moved to innovation execution and application of new technologies and 60% seek solutions for accelerate their development through innovation and respond to environmental and societal challenges.

Key figures of the sector:
  • 79 billion euros are invested in the maintenance and improvement of existing buildings in France in 2019 against 69 billion euros for new
  • 48% of the 6.5 million private rental units are energy intensive

  • The building represents 105 billion euros in turnover while public works produce 45 billion.

  • Building is 302,000 companies (including 4 majors) and 1,196,000 workers including 912,000 employees 

  • While the sector represents only 7 % of employed workers, it totals more than 20 % of work accidents and occupational diseases.



Among our achievements

Our experts support companies in the sector in developing their innovations and their performance.

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