Transport & Mobilities

€ 30 billion are invested by the State for ecological transition, including € 11.5 billion to support transport players.

With the health crisis, the transport sectors have been greatly impacted in their transformation around the ecological transition. The government has set up financing mechanisms to accelerate the modernization of the industry and make France more competitive.

  • Automotive : priority is given to electric vehicles and autonomous vehicles. The objective is to accelerate automation with digital investments in industrial processes.
  • Aeronautics : the state invests in the value chains of the future, the preservation of skills and the green aircraft of the future.
  • Railway : investments are focused on regenerating the rail network, renovating certain lines between regions and on day-to-day mobility.


€ 11.5 BILLION

Among our achievements

Our experts support companies in the sector in developing their innovations and their performance.

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