Distribution and consumer goods

Quality of customer relations, development of phygital and connected purchasing methods and use of customer data are the challenges of the sector.

The transformation of the sector adapts to new modes of consumption and new purchasing habits and to customers who are more demanding in terms of respect for the environment and product quality.
The sector must therefore meet 2 major challenges: 
  • Improving the customer experience and customer knowledge to adapt products and services to changing needs in terms of both quality and purchasing methods. The sector must continue to invest in the interdependence of distribution channels and phygital models.
  • Investing in the operation of potential of customer data to stand out from the competition and create value for customers. The advent of big data and the emergence of predictive analyzes make it possible to better understand the expectations, needs, profiles and behaviors of consumers. The quality of the customer relationship, the proposal of products and services, access to a better experience and purchasing path are possible thanks to the intimate knowledge of the brand with respect to the customer and are accelerated by the use of data held by brands on their consumers.

Among our achievements

Our experts support companies in the sector in developing their innovations and their performance.

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