[FLASH INFO H2020] The European Commission has launched the new “SME Phase 2 Instrument”

The European Commission has launched the new “SME Instrument Phase 2” of the Horizon 2020 program: EIC Accelerator Pilot.

When innovation changes scale: As you know, Bpifrance wishes to facilitate access for SMEs to European research, development and innovation (RDI) programs financed by the European Union budget, in particular the Instrument PME program.

Description of EIC Accelerator Pilot (the new “Instrument PME Phase 2”)

This device allows you to obtain up to € 2.5 million of subsidies and the possibility of benefiting from an intervention in the capital up to 15 M € to finance all stages of your innovative projects (from demonstration to commercial deployment).

It will be dedicated to all types of innovation, including non-technological innovations and services.

The next deadlines to submit your files are as follows: January 08, 2020, March 18, 2020, May 19, 2020 and October 07, 2020.

Who can claim it?

It will be dedicated to all types of innovation, including non-technological innovations and services.

EIC Accelerator Pilot is intended for all types of innovative SMEs with a strong ambition to develop, grow and internationalize.

According to the EU SME Instrument, "the grant application process is very competitive, with 3.6 % of applications resulting in funding by multinational panels of experts in technology, business and finance".

GAC Group support

In this context, GAC GROUP is officially referenced by BPI France in its capacity as “Expert Consulting” to support and optimize your chances of success within the framework of the HORIZON 2020 program and more precisely, for “the new SME Phase 2 instrument”.

Very specifically, this accreditation will allow you to benefit from our expertise to:

  • Inform you about the European RDI programs funded by the European Commission (Horizon 2020),
  • Evaluate the relevance of your application (SWOT analysis),
  • Support you in writing an application file

Some examples

For example, the company AscentX Medical has just received 2.1 M € for clinical trials as part of Phase 2.

Another example, the company Treefrog Therapeutics to it received 3M € from French and European programs (450,000 euros from the government, as part of phase 2 of the i-Nov innovation competition, as well as a contribution of 2.4 M € on phase 2 of the Instrument PME system)

Are you an innovative SME with strong ambitions to develop yourself? You want to transform your innovation into European business? Contact us!

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