Be proactive in the face of disruption (4/4): How to sustain your business and innovation strategies?

We had the pleasure of organizing a round table on Tuesday October 15, 2019 with Use Design, The Village by CA and HDFID (Hauts de France Innovation and Development) around a strategic issue: how to perpetuate its business and innovation strategies ?

Here is the summary.

To talk about it :

 Only 5 % of inventions will really see the light of day


Sofia DA SILVA - Marketing Director within GAC

Alignment of corporate strategies with strategic innovation plans is essential to performance.

  • What are the expected results of our innovations?
  • What are we looking for?
  • Does it meet the strategy and objectives of the company?
  • What is the expected business impact?

An innovation is only concrete when it meets its market, when it turns into commercial success and for that we must also think about its marketing.  

It is necessary to clearly define the route between strategy and execution and to ensure constant alignment.

Patrick APRIL - Managing Director of Use Design

A lot can be done to make innovation strategies sustainable. The Lean approach or continuous improvement are interesting.

But we must not reduce them to the technological dimension alone, and extend them to all dimensions of the company. And so ensure that the fundamentals of your business will also evolve and be sustainable to break the Silos.

For example, the quality of listening and customer service should not be reduced to an outsourced call center telephone number.

For your strategy to last, it must become a value shared by all departments. (ex Zara)

Another example, on the R&D side, where you must ensure that it is associated with all of the company's departments.

 Nothing worse than ideas, patents, innovations, which remain in the cupboards of R&D because management, or marketing never have the visibility.

Jean Pierre LEAC - Business & Startup Manager: Haut de France Innovation

It all depends on the phase you are in:

Durability :

Here we have to reinvent the traditional activity and invest heavily in innovation.

The risk would be to "rest on its laurels". You have to try new ideas, launch innovations often and quickly, and do so as long as the company's financial means allow.

Vulnerability :

Join forces with partners who have the skills and technologies needed to implement “disruptive” innovation! The keyword is "Open innovation", collaboration with other companies, startups, laboratories,

Volatility :

Here the answer may come from the innovation lab, or the innovation center that you are going to create. It is a question of “disrupting from within”, of having confidence in the resources and wealth that your employees constitute.

Viability :

At this stage, it is necessary to adopt an attitude of constant innovation to seize and discover new technologies, not to be afraid of completely new ideas, to be inspired by solutions and trends in other sectors.

Franck BIEHLER - Startup Support Manager: Village by CA

We used to create a product and ask designers to make sure it looks like something. Now, design should be an integral part of the process from the start of a project.

This is why it is necessary use design thinking or Sprint methods to break down silos and to co-build not only new products and services but also the future of his company.

In the future there will be no more business without innovation, but it will take time because large groups must transform at a sustainable pace because iThe codes, mentalities and ways of doing things of thousands of employees must be changed and this requires enormous training needs (ex of Carrefour with Alexandre Bompard).

 Download our white paper Innovation management (vol 1): How to innovate sustainably?

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