20 billion euros over 5 years dedicated to Innovation and support for the Recovery plan

In addition to the PIA4 / 4th Future Investments Program was launched to support Innovation: 20 billion euros over 5 years of which more than half mobilized for economic recovery, a significant reinforcement of the government recovery plan. 

This program aimed at accelerating innovation in all sectors with dstrategic and priority investments and to invest in structural funding for higher education, research and innovation.

These strategic and priority investments concern sectors such as green and digital technologies, medical research and the health industries, the cities of tomorrow, adaptation to climate change and digital education.

Funding to support higher education, research and innovation ecosystems aim to strengthen the efficiency of higher education and research ecosystems and also to support innovative companies. This involves, for example, stepping up the technological transfer effort from academic research players to companies, especially industrial ones.

The PIA 4 is an innovation accelerator for the Recovery Plan with the mobilization of 11 billion euros to support the recovery plan, or a little more than 10% of the total effort made by the Government.

These 11 billion euros of the PIA will therefore be committed to support the economic recovery and will be divided into 4 components:

  • The development of innovations and green technologies: 3.4 billion euros will be mobilized to support the development of “green” technologies or sectors such as carbon-free energies and in particular hydrogen, recycling, biobased products and industrial biotechnologies, the resilience of cities to health and climate risks, sustainable food or again agricultural equipment contributing to the ecological transition.
  • Economic resilience and sovereignty : 2.6 billion euros will allow the targeting of priority sectors, markets or technologies for the independence and sovereignty of our economy. The objective is to support innovations according to their degree of maturity, from their design to deployments through the demonstration of their effectiveness in a real situation. 

The sectors concerned are:

    • digital (artificial intelligence, cloud, cybersecurity, quantum technologies), 
    • health (bioproduction of innovative therapies, fight against infectious and emerging diseases, digital health), 
    • cultural and creative industries 
    • education in the digital age. 
    • Otherwise, 500 million euros will be dedicated to equity investments in order to support the creation and growth of the innovative business financing market. 
  • Support higher education, research and innovation ecosystems : 2.55 billion euros will be mobilized to amplify support for universities, schools, research and technology transfer organizations, to strengthen their scientific influence internationally, to support innovations to the market by transforming them into patents, licenses, start-ups and experiments. 
  • Support innovative companies at each stage of their development : 1.95 billion will be mobilized for innovative companies which, individually or within the framework of collaborative programs, need to access funding sources to cover the risk inherent in their research and development (R&D) projects. The future of our companies depends on products and services with very high added value. The PIA intends to support them through innovation aid operated by Bpifrance, innovation competitions for start-ups and SMEs, but also through the financing of their riskiest R&D projects.


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