ALPES CONNECTIQUE SERVICES, a Savoyard company created in 1995, is a manufacturer of industrial connectors. Today, a fully-fledged connectician, ACS is recognized by the large multinational automotive, telecommunications and home automation groups.

ACS has acquired an international dimension, exporting 80% of its production to all of Europe, North America and Asia ...

While remaining faithful to its values, ACS continues to develop in order to always better meet the needs of its customers.

Client problem

2 years ago, we started to mock a research project but due to the lack of internal resources and skills, the project did not evolve as we wanted.

We then heard about the CIFRE device without knowing how to set it up: this is where GAC intervened by telling us about its SOURCING offer on the recruitment of scientific expert profiles.

Solutions provided by GAC GROUP

Testimonial from Cyril GINET, President of ALPES CONNECTIQUE SERVICES - ACS

GAC is very familiar with the system. The GAC consultant researched the candidate and submitted the project… Without this collaboration, we would clearly not have been able to recruit this doctoral student.

The search for the candidate is a real added value and GAC Group knows how to put its finger on what is important such as how to draft collaboration contracts.
In addition, the GAC consultant is very familiar with our issues and our research projects, which greatly facilitated things. 

Collaborating with GAC Group made it possible to recruit a very motivated candidate, very curious and with an excellent technical background, but above all perfectly matching our R&D environment to help us move forward in our projects and save time.

We probably would not have launched a CIFRE project without the support of GAC Group because we would not have known how to find a candidate!

Why did you choose GAC?

According to Cyril Ginet, President of ACS:

  • Satisfaction with GAC's action on the Crédit d'Impôt Recherche mission.
  • Excellent knowledge of our issues and our research projects by the consultant.
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