Cauquil - GAC Group reference


Cauquil specializes in the machining of mechanical parts in advanced alloys.

Today, a partner of major contractors in the aeronautics industry, Cauquil offers its customers the guarantee of quality work, while respecting the contractual requirements of time and product conformity.

CAUQUIL has long been committed to a quality approach based on ISO9001 & EN9100 standards, with the aim of meeting the expectations of its customers, suppliers, employees and shareholders.

Client problem

On Financial Performance issues, the Cauquil company wanted to:

  • Benefit from a declarative assistance on CERFA request for reimbursement of TICFE (Internal Tax on Final Electricity Consumption)
  • Take advantage of a reduced rate and generate TICFE savings

Solutions provided by GAC Group

Testimonial from Marc Alaux, CEO of Cauquil:

GAC Group supports us in our process of filing a TICFE reimbursement file with the competent customs service. I have had very good relations with our contact at GAC Group since the start of the assignment in 2018. He is very responsive. 

Why did you choose GAC Group?

The case was quickly investigated. Thanks to this, we obtained a refund of the tax paid on electricity in the amount of € 30K.

We also benefit from a reduced rate for the future.

When the job is well done, it is normal to mean it,  I therefore recommend GAC Group.

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