Luxury chocolate factory founded in 1948 in Daimville, the Manufacture Cluizel works with experienced cocoa beans, confectioners and chocolate makers and has a direct and lasting relationship with cocoa farmers. This fair commitment is a guarantee of quality. In 1999, the Manufacture Cluizel subscribed to a Noble Ingredients quality commitment that is unique in the world. It has become a key player in high-end chocolate on the international scene.

Client problem

The Manufacture Cluizel was facing a significant increase their work accidents and occupational diseases (ATMP) at heavy handling positions.

Solutions provided by GAC Group

GAC has been working for 15 years with the Manufacture Cluizel, in particular on optimizing the costs of AT and supporting risk management.

Why did you choose G, AC Group?

Testimony of Manon CROTEAU, Human Resources Manager of the Manufacture Cluizel
"For improve our internal practices and have a greater autonomy on files, our consultant organized a training on occupational risk management. For example, we were able to understand the importance of the choice of the terms to be used concerning the concept "to make reservations". The declarations are now better controlled by our employees !
This also made it possible to find solutions to support employees and raise awareness of workstation ergonomics and load carrying (to avoid certain work accidents and occupational diseases).
Collaborating with GAC Group has made it possible to increase awareness of internal employees.
We are today more independent on files while being able to count on Samia daily.
I recommend GAC Group, relations with the consultant are excellent, I am very satisfied with the training set up and the follow-up of files! ”
Our consultant is attentive, we can easily express our problems to her, she is very responsive and we can count on her. A real dynamic of partnership was established as well as a great confidence.
On many issues, GAC's action has borne fruit ”.

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