METRON, a company with more than 100 employees, develops artificial intelligence solutions to promote the growth of distributed energy systems.

Its solutions are real catalysts for energy efficiency, productivity and the decarbonisation of industrial sites.

Client problem

METRON intends to become by 2022 a key player in the global energy intelligence industry.

To finance the company's R&D effort and development, METRON had a Fundraising objective of € 2 million.

The energy intelligence platform collects, aggregates and analyzes in real time all the data generated by industrial systems, while interfacing with external data. The artificial intelligence engine developed enables manufacturers to effectively reduce their energy consumption and improve their environmental footprint while entering the era of the factory 4.0.

Solutions provided by GAC GROUP

After a situation diagnosis and analysis of the project and its maturity, GAC Group supported METRON towards a linking.

  • Identification of potential investors and adaptation to strategic investment criteria.
  • Connection within a very short timeframe with qualified investors for an acceleration of international development.
  • Assistance in the Due Diligence phase.

Why did you choose GAC Group?

The support of GAC Group enabled a fundraising of 4 M € out of a total of € 8 million.

GAC Group benefits from a good knowledge of its clients' innovation projects, which allows the identification of suitable funding levers.

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