SERMAS INDUSTRIE is the world leader in sawing large-scale materials for the aluminum and non-ferrous metals industry.

Client problem

  • Professionalize the approach to secure and optimize CIR declarations
  • Expand the technical files
  • Promote the R&D actions carried out

Solutions provided by GAC Group

Testimonial from Véronique Galy, Financial Director SERMAS INDUSTRIE

I appreciate the pragmatic approach of our GAC Innovation Consultant, and his knowledge of our industry.

His expertise facilitates exchanges with the technical teams and the design office.

Collaborating with GAC Group made it possible to clearly define and demonstrate the eligibility of SERMAS Industrie for the CIR, then the CII. This result also supported R&D as well as the recruitment of a young doctor.

The mission is well mastered in terms of time. I appreciate the rigorous work which allows us to have impeccable and complete files although the CIR costing has already been obtained and integrated into the balance sheet.

We were thus able to anticipate and avoid surprises in the event of an inspection. The tax audit went well, the files examined did not result in an in-depth audit.

Working with you is reassuring for me. I am serene in case of control thanks to the qualitative management of the missions CIR and CII.

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