Support in the search for European funding

SOLIDEO activity :

The Olympic Works Delivery Company, a French public establishment (EPIC) created by the law of February 28, 2017, is responsible for the delivery of the works and development operations necessary for the organization and running of the Summer Olympic Games. 2024. Its mission is to deliver the Olympic and Paralympic works on time, on schedule, at cost and on schedule, and to ensure their transformation after the Paris 2024 Games to guarantee residents, users and territories an ambitious, lasting legacy. and exemplary.

SOLIDEO is placed under the joint supervision of the Ministers of Action and Public Accounts, Territorial Cohesion and Relations with Local Authorities and Sports.

Context and need :

As part of the organization of the 2024 Olympic Games, SOLIDEO is funded to the tune of 3.2 billion by national and private public funds. In addition, to help finance its innovation, SOLIDEO wishes to identify European Calls for Projects and funding on the themes of resilient economy, Smart Cities, climate neutrality, decarbonization, circular economy, smart cities, sustainable buildings, digital communication, etc.

Solution provided by GAC Group:

Search for European funding from diagnosis to submission to Calls for Projects, in particular within the framework of the Horizon 2020 Green Deal Call.

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