Zaion, French DeepTech Startup

ZAION is a French DeepTech startup created in 2017, specializing in voice customer relations based on Artificial Intelligence composed of 40 employees, 1/3 of whom are in R&D.

Zaion revolutionizes the customer experience through voice and artificial intelligence thanks to its Callbot, Chatbot, Voicebot and Messagingbot.

Client problem

To meet its development ambitions and become the leader in AI-augmented customer relationship solutions in Europe, ZAION wanted to use the leverage of public funding to accelerate its R&D and create the ZAION LAB.

Solutions provided by GAC Group

GAC Group supported ZAION's ambitions by structuring and submitting a file INNOV'up PIA leader.

Innov'up Leader PIA aims to support innovative projects, particularly in products and services based on artificial intelligence, which contribute to the visionary perspective of the market, its development and its acceleration.

The projects are selected by a regional committee made up of a representative of the State, a representative of the Ile-de-France Region and a representative of Bpifrance, the Region and the State financing the projects on an equal basis.

In their approach, the GAC Group consultants highlighted and put into perspective the technology carried by ZAION:

  • Revolutionizing the customer experience through voice
  • Treat the advisor and the callbot in a complementary manner
  • Integrate two innovative technological bricks

The drafting of the structured and reasoned application file, the description and detailed justification of the societal and environmental impacts and also economic benefits allowed the valuation of the business plan associate.

Why did you choose GAC?

The mission of GAC Group has contributed to the increase in skills of ZAION on the structuring of his vision and materialized by obtaining a assistance of € 420,000 to finance the 24-month R&D program.

ZAION's selection at theCall for projects INNOV'up Leader PIA notably made it possible to accelerate the creation of the Zaion Lab, a new Research & Development center, located in the Paris region and specializing in technologies related to customer relations enhanced by artificial intelligence. The Zaion Lab is made up of multidisciplinary skills: doctors, engineers and experts in customer relations augmented by artificial intelligence and is an open place dedicated to meetings between professionals, customers, decision-makers and researchers. This system and the combination of complementary skills aims to accelerate research and development of technologies.

ZAION had obtained a other grant of € 130,000 as part of another support from GAC for the recruitment of scientists, the protection of innovation and development actions in Europe.

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