Aid and subsidies for the Agri-Agro sector: 3 calls for projects to innovate sustainably thanks to PIA4!

The State wishes to support the development of agricultural and agri-food sector French through three calls for projects (AAP) aimed at supporting companies and players in the sector in the development of innovative solutions. 

These PAAs stem from the two major acceleration strategies from the fourth Investments for the Future Program (PIA4). These AAPs are open to all types of companies for individual or collaborative projects.

On the agenda for this webinar:

  1. Context and objectives of the 3 calls for projects

  2. Expected projects and evaluation criteria

  3. Contribution of competitiveness clusters

  4. Implementation and response methodology

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The experts involved

Nadia SEKHER Bioprocessing/Environment Sector Manager BPI FRANCE

Nadia SEKHER, Head of the Bioprocessing/Environment sector at Bpifrance

After more than 11 years of experience in technology transfer within universities and a research organization, Nadia joined the Innovation Department of Bpifrance. It uses its expertise in living technologies with a positive environmental impact to analyze and formulate proposals for financing major collaborative projects.

Mélissa NOURRY Innovation Engineer VITAGORA

Mélissa NOURRY, Innovation Engineer at VITAGORA

Mélissa graduated from Montpellier Supagro with a major in agri-food and specialized in business, people and innovation management. As an Innovation Engineer at Vitagora, she assists the members of the Competitiveness Cluster in their development and their innovation projects, notably via the labeling committee.

Gilles KAMTA Innovation Consultant G.A.C. GROUP

Gilles KAMTA, Innovation Consultant at G.A.C. GROUP

Gilles holds a master's degree in corporate finance and a specialized master's degree in technological innovation and project management. He now has more than 5 years of experience in public financing. It is a satisfaction for him to contribute to the growth of clients and the success of their project by obtaining public aid. In particular, he supports companies in the agri-food, digital and biotechnology sectors.

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