DOETH in DSN: how to declare it?

Did you know ? Your next DOETH will transit through your DSN February 2022.

You will have 1 month to act, between receipt of your URSSAF-calculated headcount scheduled for the end of January and your DSNs to be filed at the beginning of March, in order to verify the headcount transmitted by URSSAF (liability, internal BOETH, ECAP), i.e. :


  • Apply the right multiplier depending on the case
  • Include external BOETH staff
  • Deduct eligible expenses
  • Compare the result with that of the 2021 DOETH in order to apply the corresponding capping

What should you do if there is a discrepancy between your headcount calculation and the one transmitted by URSSAF? Can you carry out regular checks via your monthly DSN on these issues?

In this webinar discover a simple solution to answer these questions and avoid complex regularizations! 

On the agenda for this webinar:

  1. Reminder of the objectives and challenges of the DSN
  2. The DOETH in DSN: points to watch out for
  3. How to make your DOETH more reliable with D2BI?

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