URSSAF control assistance

The purpose of URSSAF controls is to check that the employer complies with the rules for calculating and paying contributions over the past 3 years.
Social legislation being complex, the risks of errors are high:
5% companies are checked every year. 
Almost 70% of URSSAF checks resulted in a regularization.
167 million euros are returned to controlled companies.
(source: Acoss - Annual report July 2019).

Our offer

 Our support consists of limiting the recovery.


2 types of intervention are possible:

Global intervention : before, during and after the check.
Intervention upon receipt of the observation letter within 30 days.

Recommendations & disputes with our partner lawyers:

On the background : analysis and legal argument
On Form : non-respect of the employer's rights, irregularity of form ...
On the calculation methods : material error, calculation error linked to a bad interpretation of the texts ...

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URSSAF control assistance


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