Do you want to create new economic activities, build innovative Business Models, improve the user experience, put your customers at the center of the process and strengthen your value proposition?
What if the solution lay in collective intelligence?

Our offer

Our approach is based on the practice of collective intelligence and the organization of collaborative and creative workshops. 

We support our clients through creativity techniques and participatory methods, centered on people, to quickly transform ideas into tangible prototypes and testable with users.

We use in particular the methods of Design Thinking, from Lego ® Serious play ® and Lean Startup.


Establishment of the team

Framing the subject 

Generation of ideas on the issues to be solved


Convergence towards a common problem to be solved


Idea generation and prioritization

Emergence of ideas, up to the concept to respond to the problem by using different methods of creativity, to extend the field of possibilities and promote exploration


Choice of a common solution and implementation

Construction and experimentation of prototypes in a logic of continuous improvement

Your profits

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Emergence of innovation opportunities


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