Public policy assessment

We offer you a pragmatic methodology to measure the performance of research and innovation programs and structures.
These evaluations also make it possible to enrich political decisions and put in place effective actions.

Our offer

We provide our European, national and regional clients with a series of assessment services linked to research, innovation and economic development using solid and controlled methodologies.

Structuring of the evaluation

Foreshadowing of evaluation work.
Analysis of the intervention logic and definition of relevant evaluation indicators, counterfactuals, standards, data sources, etc.

Implementation of the assessment

Evaluation of public policies (PM'UP…), programs (PIA…), and / or structures (IRT, cluster…) linked to innovation and economic development.
Ex-post, ex-ante and mid-term evaluation.
Evaluations carried out on the basis of a precise benchmark, by crossing qualitative and quantitative data.

Improvement, valuation, communication

Proposal of operational improvements for better performance of public policies.
Public restitution of works and design of communication tools.

Your profits

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Public policy assessment


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