Optimizing and securing your CIR on a long-term basis

"We particularly appreciated G.A.C. Group's guidance and support, especially in managing our tax audit. The expertise and reliability of the consulting team really helped us to justify and secure our CIR by meeting the requirements of the tax authorities."

Amgen Amgen is the world leader in biotechnologies with 350 employees in France, specializing in the development of innovative drugs for the treatment of patients with serious diseases (cancer, heart disease, etc.). Amgen has 350 employees in France, including 25 in Research and Development.

Amgen's problem

Organize the process internally and with external service providers to optimize and, above all, secure the CIR on a long-term basis.

Accompanying G.A.C. Group

Amgen has been supported since 2019 in structuring its CIR/CII approach.

Solutions provided by GAC Group

  1. Information and training of teams in the system and in good practices
  2. Audit of eligible projects and grouping according to 3 research themes
  3. Valuation of R&D expenses with optimization options
  4. Arbitration to adjust the valuation strategy
  5. Technical justification of R&D projects


  • Methodology audit report 
  • CERFA 2069-A-SD
  • Memo and valuation file
  • Supporting file

Results obtained

  • Structuring of the process (monitoring tool, time tracking, approval of external research providers)
  • Increasing the skills of the teams with regard to the CIR system
  • Optimization and security of the CIR through pragmatic and adapted support

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