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"The availability of the experts, their sense of pedagogy, the fact that training is included in the service and the hours of advice. The availability of the experts, their sense of pedagogy, the fact that there are training actions included in the service and consulting hours."

Securitas offers security solutions to companies of all sizes and in all sectors of activity, including safety, security, remote services, electronic security, risk management, mobile security, training and corporate hospitality services.

Securitas' problematic

Calculate the gender equality index from the official declaration that is the DSN

Accompanying G.A.C. Group

G.A.C. supported Securitas in 2020 in the implementation of its Business Intelligence tool D2BI in the context of the calculation and steering the gender equality index.

Solutions provided by G.A.C. Group:

G.A.C. Group's intervention covered the following areas:

  • Data collection
  • Training in the use of the tool
  • Results analysis
  • Follow-up and accompaniment: exchanges with the different interlocutors to answer questions and technical support to take into account particular cases

Securitas benefited from :

  • Training materials and tutorial videos
  • Deliverables as needed (exported and reworked excel files)

Results obtained

  • A calculation of the index on the basis of the DSN  
  • A refined and precise calculation after working with the client
  • Sharing knowledge / increasing skills on the index mechanism
  • Stability of the solution / service despite a change in the client's payroll software

Customer testimonial

Can you introduce yourself?

I will start by presenting Securitas, the leader in private security in France. We offer our clients safety, security, electronic security and risk management solutions. We have more than 150 agencies in France and our activities bring together some 15,000 employees who embody our values of integrity, vigilance and service spirit. They embody our mission, which is "We help you make your environment a safer place". I am the Director of Social Relations and Social Affairs for the Securitas Group in France and as such, I am involved in subjects that are also part of the G.A.C. Group's offer, namely professional equality and accidentology.

How long have you been working with G.A.C. Group experts?

We have been working with G.A.C. Group for almost three years on two issues: the management of sick leave and all the litigation related to appeals, and assistance in the implementation of the gender equality index.

What was your initial need?

We were faced with a number of challenges when it came to sick leave and workplace accidents. We needed to professionalize our declarations, which we were able to do through training and by checking the documents we issued (declarations, reserve letters), with the aim of limiting the number of claims paid by the health insurance funds and reducing costs, particularly in terms of accident rates. For the Gender Equality Index, we also had to overcome a problem in terms of data quality and extraction capacity, as well as a problem in steering equality actions throughout the year. We also had to ensure the reliability of the information available in the event of an audit.

Did the Digital DSN BI (D2BI) tool meet your needs?

I use the D2BI tool which is an extremely ergonomic and user-friendly tool. We have obtained different results in terms of sick leave and work accidents. We have recovered overpayments in terms of occupational injury contributions, we have reduced the number of claims, so the capacity of the rates has increased. We have a more detailed analysis of data by region, by establishment, by type of stoppage. For the gender equality index, we have become much more refined in our analysis, more precise in our declarations and above all in our management of the index over the months. In three years, we have gone from 69 to 93 out of 100 for the largest of our subsidiaries (the one with the highest number of employees) thanks to this approach and real-time monitoring.

Are you satisfied with the support provided by the G.A.C. Group experts?

We're very satisfied, both in terms of listening to our needs from the outset, and in our ability to set parameters. What's more, the tool is very easy to get to grips with: it's so flexible that it doesn't require much work, at least not on the part of the customer. There's a real quality of support: the availability of the experts, their sense of pedagogy, the fact that the service includes training and consulting hours. And then there's the commitment of the teams, the fact that G.A.C. Group is concerned by our challenges. It's a quality service that everyone can relate to!

The final word?

The Securitas Group's news is related to the dynamism of its offer, i.e. positions that are real career opportunities in different fields, whether it is surveillance, technology, support functions: people who want to have much more information on the positions offered and on the career opportunities can go to the site Securitas.

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