Svetlana Klessova co-editor of a book on Information and Communication Technologies

Congratulations to our Sophia Antipolis team on the publication of the book ICT Policy, Research, and Innovation: Perspectives and Prospects for EU ‐ US Collaboration at Wiley / IEEE and co-edited by Svetlana Klessova, Director of Research and Innovation Partnerships.

This book offers an in-depth discussion of the findings of the PICASSO on Information and Communication Technology (ICT) policy.

It offers an overview of various topics related to ICT and the prospects for collaboration between the EU and the USA. All this without inundating the reader with technical details, but providing enough technical context to make sense of the underlying political discussions.

The book covers topics such as the Internet of Things, cyber-physical systems, 5G and big data.

ICT Policy, Research, and Innovation takes stock of, compares and contrasts the policy orientations adopted by the EU and the USA. It highlights the potential for future collaboration. The book offers policy perspectives on some of the central issues affecting the development of EU-US cooperation. It concludes with a discussion of how these new technologies affect our conceptions of fundamental aspects of society.

A fascinating work, dealing with central and topical themes, which GAC Group supports through innovative projects. Horizon Europe.

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