Aviwell - Preparing grant applications for the "Food needs of tomorrow" call for projects

"Excellent support and flexibility. I was particularly impressed by the subject matter expert who helped me tailor the presentation to the review panel. In 3 words: diligent experts, responsive".

The start-up Aviwell carries a disruptive scientific strategy based on biotechnological solutions. The technology is based on an innovative microbiome discovery platform driven by artificial intelligence to significantly improve animal growth and health in a natural, ethical and sustainable environment.

Aviwell issues

Aviwell seeks financing for its project Novaliv Bis

Novaliv Bis is a project to produce natural bacterial combinations optimized to induce naturally fatty liver in geese, and enrich it with omega-3 fatty acids. The aim is to avoid force-feeding geese.

Accompanying G.A.C. Group

Putting together a aid application for the "Food needs of tomorrow" call for projects

Aviwell was accompanied in 2022, the mission lasting 2 months.

Solutions provided by G.A.C. Group

  1. Validation of project eligibility for the scheme
  2. Co-writing of the application file in accordance with Bpifrance requirements
  3. Assistance with the filing of the application
  4. Coaching in preparation for project presentation
  5. Support in dealings with the counter

What were the results?

Granting of a 706 K€ in aid including 60% in subsidies

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