VIF Software - Optimize your intellectual property assets with the IP Box device

"With IP BOX, we were able to save around €300,000 in taxes. We're very satisfied, because we feel the case is very solid, and the method very well documented and serious."

VIF designs, develops and deploys innovative ERP, MES and Supply Chain Planning software solutions. Based in the Pays de la Loire region of France, VIF Software supports small and medium-sized process manufacturers in implementing and sustainably improving their operational performance. VIF Software employs 200 people.

VIF Software issues

Optimize your intellectual property assets with IP Box, while securing and structuring your declaration over the long term by building detailed documentation

Accompanying G.A.C. Group

G.A.C. Group supports VIF Software on the IP Box device since 2021

Solutions provided by G.A.C. Group:

  • Diagnosis and analysis of eligible assets (1 software package)
  • Calculating and optimizing net income eligible for the preferential tax regime
  • Justification for taking the option in response to the documentary obligation

VIF Software has benefited from :

  • A diagnostic report
  • A valuation file and decision-making tool
  • A supporting file

What were the results?

  • Tax savings of around 300k € in 2021
  • Securing the benefit of the preferential regime justification for taking the option chosen and the associated calculations in accordance with the formalism expected by the tax administration.

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