Taux ATMP : Dématérialisation obligatoire – Dernière ligne droite

Taux ATMP : Dématérialisation obligatoire – Dernière ligne droite

Dès le 1er janvier 2022, la dématérialisation des taux ATMP devient obligatoire pour toutes les entreprises, y compris celles de moins de 10 salariés. Plus que quelques semaines pour vous y préparer et aborder sereinement cette évolution administrative. En effet, si vous ne disposez pas encore d’un compte Net-Entreprises, vous avez jusqu’au 1er décembre 2021

Psychosocial risks

Prevention of hardship at work

The arduousness is characterized by the exposure of the worker to one or more occupational risk factors linked to marked physical constraints, an aggressive physical environment or to certain work rhythms. 10 risk factors are provided for by the Labor Code: Marked physical constraints Manual handling of loads, i.e. any operation of

Psychosocial risks

Musculoskeletal disorders in the workplace

MSDs are the most common occupational disease in France. In 2019, musculoskeletal disorders represent 88% of occupational diseases with 44,492 cases and in particular an increase in MSDs of 2.3% compared to 2018. Table 57 of the general safety regime alone represents more than 3/4 of recognized occupational diseases. Yes

Declaration of occupational disease linked to Covid-19

EXPERT ARTICLE - By Samia Benmahrez, HR Performance Consultant, at GAC Group Has your employee contracted an illness linked to COVID-19 in the course of their professional activity? An online service "" is available to employees (or beneficiaries) who wish to apply for recognition of an occupational disease. Objective: to benefit

Telework and accidents at work

Teleworking and accidents at work

EXPERT ARTICLE - By Charlotte Launay, HR Performance Consultant, at GAC Group The Minister of Health reminded us, teleworking must be a solution to be promoted "as much as possible" for compatible activities, particularly following the health crisis that we are currently crossing. With the coronavirus pandemic and the periods of

COVID-19 recognized as an occupational disease

EXPERT ARTICLE - By Charlotte Launay, HR Performance Consultant, at GAC Group The decree relating to the recognition in occupational diseases of pathologies linked to SARS-CoV2 (Covid-19) infection was published in the Official Journal on September 14, 2020 The new table Indeed, this decree creates a new table of occupational diseases, the

COVID-19: rules applicable to procedures for recognizing occupational accidents and diseases

ARTICLE D’EXPERT – Par Charlotte Launay, Consultante Performance RH, chez G.A.C.Group L’ordonnance n° 2020-460 portant diverses mesures prises pour faire face à l’épidémie de covid-19 a été publiée au Journal Officiel le 22 avril 2020. Cette ordonnance proroge les délais applicables aux procédures de reconnaissance des accidents du travail et des maladies professionnelles. Pour rappel,

COVID-19 and professional risks

COVID-19 and occupational risks

EXPERT ARTICLE - By Charlotte Launay, HR Performance Consultant, at GAC Group During this period of health emergency and containment, some workers who can and those whose work is essential to the functioning of the Nation, continue to exercise their professional activity. Also, inevitably arose the question of the assumption of responsibility under

AT / MP and COVID-19 contribution: are the dividends, advances and additional contributions maintained?

ARTICLE D’EXPERT – Par Samia Benmahrez, Consultante Performance RH, chez G.A.C. Group Compte-tenu de la crise sanitaire, un arrêté du 7 avril 2020 adapte les règles d’attribution des ristournes sur la cotisation d’accident du travail et des avances faites aux entreprises qui engagent des actions de prévention spécifiques. En effet, la CARSAT (ou CRAMIF en

Coronavirus: rules applicable before the courts

4 ordinances were published today in the Official Journal in order to adapt the rules applicable before criminal courts, other courts of the judicial order, courts of the administrative order and to extend deadlines expired during the period of health emergency . As far as we are concerned, ordinance n ° 2020-306 of 25 March 2020 relating to the extension of

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