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[REPLAY WEBINAR] Innovation strategy & CIR: why and how to recruit CIFRE Young Doctors / Theses?

To carry out your R&D and Innovation strategy, you certainly use the CIR / CII. But have you already used the CIFRE thesis or the recruitment of doctoral students?

You can receive a refund of 120% of the young doctor's charged gross salary for two years! 

We had the pleasure of co-hosting this webinar with the ANRT and the former Head of the CIR service at the Ministry of Research.

What you will discover in this replay:

  • What are the pitfalls to avoid and the rules to follow in order to benefit from it in a virtuous way?
  • How to target, source and recruit the best PhDs?
  • How to formulate / integrate your research themes into a doctoral thesis project?
  • How does ADEME process the requests? How do MESRI experts look?

What are the pitfalls to avoid and the rules to follow in order to benefit from it in a virtuous way?

The mechanism of industrial agreements for training through research (Cifre), managed by the National Association for Research and Technology (ANRT), aims to strengthen exchanges between public research laboratories and socio-economic circles. , in order to promote the employment of doctors in companies.

It allows a company to benefit from financial assistance to recruit a young doctoral student whose research work, supervised by a public research laboratory, will lead to the defense of a thesis.

The company recruits a young graduate with a master's degree on a permanent or fixed-term contract of 3 years and entrusts him with a research project that is the subject of his thesis. It receives an annual subsidy of 14,000 euros from the ANRT for 3 years.

How to target, source and recruit the best PhDs?

During the thesis:

  • The doctoral student's work is eligible for the CIR under the same conditions as for any researcher in a company.
  • During the 3 years of preparation of his thesis, his charged salary, increased by operating costs at the flat rate of 43%, is taken into account in the base of the CIR. The CIR rate is 30%.
  • The company will have to deduct the amount of the subsidy received by the ANRT (€ 14,000)

Upon obtaining the thesis:

Upon obtaining her thesis (end of CIFRE), if the company recruits this young doctor on a permanent contract, she will benefit from the increase in staff costs and the flat rate of these expenses, relating to the first recruitment of a young doctor. .

The charged salary of the young doctor will be taken into account for double its amount and the operating expenses will be increased to 200% of the charged salary, during the first 24 months following the first recruitment, provided that the number of R&D staff of the business is not lower than the previous year.

The addition of these two Cifre and CIR devices is extremely advantageous for a company which retrieves a researcher with high added value, at a very moderate cost. The examples below demonstrate this (Assumption of an annual charged salary of 40,000 €)

How does ADEME process the requests?

Administrative pre-examination phase (a few days):

  • Verification of the eligibility of partners with regard to the granting conditions
  • Verification of the completeness of the file
  • Sending an acknowledgment of receipt to the administrative contact designated by the company

Round trip (s), if any, until the date of administrative completeness is indicated on the file

Case expertise phase (2 to 3 months)

  • Expertise of the scientific component entrusted to an anonymous and volunteer university researcher
  • Expertise of the socio-economic environment entrusted to the Regional Delegation for Research and Technology
    Please note: for companies in the Ile de France region: questionnaire to be returned within 15 days

How do MESRI experts look?

The expert must indicate whether the work presented to him falls within an eligible R&D activity

  • According to the outline of the file required by the MESRI
  • He is not obligated to meet with the company
  • His conviction is only based on the supporting file produced by the company

But he may, in certain cases, ask the company for additional information

As part of a CIR control, MESRI only calls on academic researchers:

  • who work in a public research organization (CNRS, CEA, INSERM, INRIA, etc.)
  • who do not receive any real training, but for some of them, an information day is given to them on the system
  • who carry out their expertise based on their understanding of the guide, their professional experience and the experience in their laboratories
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