DSN, a HR performance lever thanks to business intelligence?

The data from your DSNs is a mine of valuable information, the analysis and interpretation of which can be a real performance driver for your company.

Find out how to optimize your human resources management and save time on data collection and processing with D2BI, the business intelligence solution to boost your HR performance thanks to DSN!

On the agenda for this webinar:

  • D2BI tool presentation for manage and analyze your social data
  • Demonstration of dashboards allowing you to have a clear, fast visualization of performance indicators
  • Presentation of theautomation of mandatory reports (HR reporting, social balance sheet, BDESE, BSI, M/F comparative report, etc.).
  • They have placed their trust in us: ne will share with you customer testimonials who have already implemented the solution and will show you results.

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Equipping yourself with D2BI, a powerful solution for processing and capitalizing on the data collected by DSN, gives you the opportunity to identify trends and/or anomalies in order to fine-tune your HR strategy, notably through :

  • Accurate, in-depth analysis of your social data to optimize your payroll management from the macro level down to the employee.
  • Measuring your performance by analyzing relevant KPIs to identify potential problems and define corrective actions.
  • Automated generation of your mandatory reports with reliable data that can be exploited in just a few clicks, so you can devote yourself fully to higher value-added missions.
  • Monitoring your company's regulatory compliance including payroll, social security declarations and legal requirements, thanks to a tool that quickly detects errors.
  • Concrete facts and figures for informed strategic decision-making on topics such as absenteeism, turnover, compensation, etc.

Improve your social performance by using your DSN data with D2BI, your HR management, analysis and reporting solution!

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