The Déclaration Sociale Nominative (DSN): why is it essential to master it?

Since it came into force in 2017, the Déclaration Sociale Nominative (DSN) has become the official data source for social organizations.

Compulsory for all private and public-sector companies, this monthly procedure was initially developed to simplify, secure and increase the reliability of employers' reporting obligations.

What is the DSN and why is it referred to as a "black box"? Why is your DSN so important for companies, employees and organizations? How can you ensure compliance to reduce the risk of errors and secure your declarations?

To answer all these questions, G.A.C. Group is pleased to co-organize a webinar with Bpifrance University to help you better understand your DSNs.

Laure FINAN, legal consultant in payroll and DSN, and Claire TABOURET, HR performance expert, will be pleased to present the key elements of this declarative channel and share with you practical advice on how to master its ins and outs within your company.

In this webinar, you will learn how to :

  • Understanding DSN
  • Analyze the key elements and challenges of this declarative channel
  • Knowing/identifying best practices to ensure data reliability and compliance

On the agenda for this webinar:

What is DSN?

  • Definition and objectives 
  • The DSN circuit
  • Employers and integrated declarations 
  • Reporting procedures

What are the challenges of DSN?

  • Securing rights and obligations 
  • Penalties for non-compliance 
  • Towards a compliance requirement
  • A usable source of information

Data reliability: a must

  • Data control: an employer's responsibility 
  • The chain of custody 
  • Adjustments

The webinar presentation is available for download. Check it out now!

Discover our speakers

Laure FINAN, HR Performance Consultant, G.A.C. Group

Laure holds a Master's 2 in Employment Law, with a specialization in Social Protection Law, and has held various positions in the payroll business for over 15 years. Her expertise, from upstream to downstream of the chain, is now put to good use at G.A.C to provide the best possible support to our customers.

Claire TABOURET, HR Performance Project Manager, G.A.C. Group

With a Master's degree in Occupational Psychology, Claire has held various positions in the field of human resources consulting. Her ability to understand the issues at stake and to support her customers in managing complex projects make her a key resource within G.A.C. Group's HR Performance division.

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