Private finance: the essentials for raising funds

This white paper, mainly oriented around private project financing, aims to present to you the essentials for raising funds, whatever your maturity or ambitions.

Fundraising is a long and engaging process. Before initiating the process, it is essential to be aware of the different stages involved and to respect them.

In France, there are more than 800 private funds. Raising funds is an obstacle course and being ill-prepared can be disastrous in terms of image, deadlines and survival.

The preparation of the global strategy (beyond the financial aspect) is essential.

“Innovating is easy. The difficulty is to transform an innovation into a real business ” Michael Dell, founder of Dell

In the program

  1. When to seek funding? 
  2. Who to raise funds from? 
  3. How should you approach fund-raising? 
  4. How to value your company? 
  5. How to turn your pitch deck into a success?
  6. Shareholders' agreement or articles of association: which legal aspect is preferable? 

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