AT-MP: What does the annual revaluation of annuities and capital allowances defined by the CNAM in April 2022 consist of?

A circular from the CNAM increases the annuities and capital allowances paid to victims of accidents at work and occupational diseases by 1.8% on April 1, 2022.

After an accident at work or an occupational disease, if the after-effects justify it, a partial permanent disability rate can be attributed to your employee.
This partial permanent incapacity rate takes into account the nature of the infirmity, the general condition, the age, and the skills and professional qualifications of your employee.
It is drawn up by the medical advisor of the Caisse Primaire and fixed according to the indicative scale of disability in accidents at work which appears in the appendix to the Social Security Code.
This rate opens the right to a lump sum indemnity or an annuity. In the event of death, the heirs may also benefit from financial assistance.

What is the capital indemnity?

TEXTWhen the partial permanent disability rate (IPP) is less than 10%, the lump sum indemnity, paid to the employee, is established according to the following scale:

Focus on the AT/MP pension

When the PPI rate is equal to or greater than 10%, the employee is entitled to a pension paid periodically:
The calculation elements of the AT/MP pension are also revalued:


How is the AT/MP pension calculated? ?

The pension is calculated on the basis of the salary of the last 12 months preceding the work stoppage. It is equal to the annual salary multiplied by the incapacity rate previously reduced by half for the part of the rate lower than 50 % and increased by half for the part higher than 50 %.
The annual salary is not always taken in full.
Thus, if the annual salary is higher than the minimum pension salary (i.e. €18,631.28) it will be retained in the following proportions:
-up to 2 times the minimum pension wage: it is counted in full;

  • from 2 to 8 times the minimum wage for pensions: the fraction exceeding twice the minimum wage is counted as one third;
  • beyond 8 times the minimum pension salary: the maximum pension salary will be retained.

AT / MP pension = annual reference salary x corrected IPP rate *

the portion of the PPI rate allocated ≤ 50% is divided by 2; the share of the PPI rate >50% is multiplied by 1.5. Ex: PPI rate assigned = 60%  corrected PPI rate = 40% (50/2+101,5)
PPI rate attributed = 20%  PPI rate corrected =10% (20/2)

This revaluation has no impact on the calculation of the AT/MP contribution rate. The partial permanent disability rates are charged to the employer's account according to the Average Cost Category scale2, set each year by ministerial order. To not miss any news on accidents at work and occupational diseases, do not hesitate to contact us.

[1] Circ. Cnam No. 10/2022 of March 31, 2022

[2] (Decree of December 24, 2021 relating to the pricing of the risks of accidents at work and occupational diseases for the year 2022)

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