Call for projects "Supply of robots and intelligent machines of excellence".

Three maturities: 09/21/2023, 01/25/2024, 06/25/2024

What is the "Supply of excellent robots and intelligent machines" call for projects?


The call for projects to boost France's competitiveness in smart machine markets in response to the needs of the 19 strategic sector committees. It finances projects that deployment of robots and intelligent machines at the end of the project, with priority given to productive investment, and possibly a share of research, development and innovation. Purely software projects are excluded from the AAP. Projects must serve an industrial sector, with no limit to the field of application or type of machine.

What are the eligibility criteria for this call for projects?

  • Individual or collaborative projects led by a company, which may include laboratories. Consortia may include a maximum of 5 partners.
  • Eligible expenditure over €1m for individual projects, €4m for collaborative projects
  • TRL 6 to 9 is sought for rapid commercialization and industrialization
  • Maximum duration of 36 months

Selection process

  • Economic impact and contribution to the value chain are essential. European or global ambitions are preferred
  • Innovative character must be proven
  • The quality of the development plan and the commissioning schedule must be appropriate in terms of objectives and resources.
  • Support from a competitiveness cluster or strategic sector committee is a plus.

Financing terms and conditions

Aid is capped at between 70% and 50% for industrial research, depending on company size, between 45% and 25% for experimental development, and between 10% and 35% for industrial investment.

The grant consists of 60% in subsidies and 40% in recoverable advances, with a threshold of 100 k€ per partner. The grant may be increased to 70% for projects with a positive environmental impact.

Will you be a candidate for this call for projects?


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